Discover Nauru: One of the Smallest Countries on Earth

Nauru island

If you are planning to visit Nauru, that is a wonderful idea. The small island is a country. The island is adorned by white sandy beaches outlined by wonderful palm trees, extensive coral reefs, lush green vegetation, and blue lagoons.

The island offers its visitors a lot of fun.
Here is our list of the best activities you can do there. And remember these tips if you happen to lose your luggage while traveling to another country.

1. Fishing:

Don’t miss enjoying the fun of game fishing when you are in Nauru. Go to the enchanting seawaters and enjoy game fishing. Hire a boat if you want and go for deep sea fishing. You can explore the pleasant seawaters of the Pacific Ocean too. Barracuda, marlin, tuna, and many other species of fishes are found there.


2. Anibare Bay:

Relax at the pleasant Anibare Bay, which is one of the most beautiful beaches on this fascinating island. This gigantic bay is located in the Anibare District which presents in the Eastern part of the island.

3. Diving:

Enjoy diving in the magical waters surrounding the amazing Nauru Island. Take a dip in the Anibore Harbor. This place is the best in the island where you can enjoy swimming. It is shallow and rocky; that is why it is an ideal location for enjoying swimming.

4. Play Football:

Enjoy playing football match while enjoying your vacation in Nauru. You can watch local teams playing hot matches. The national game of football is played at the Link-belt Oval sports field all through the Saturday.

5. Walking Excursions:

You can enjoy going for walking excursions through the outstanding Command Ridge, which is the highest point on the island. From Command Ridge, you can watch picturesque views of the entire Nauru Island. There are several hiking trails in Nauru Island; explore them.

6. Scuba Diving:

Don’t miss going for scuba diving while vacationing in Nauru Island. Carry your own equipment and explore the amazing coral reef surrounding the island. You will be able to watch the big shipwreck and gaze at colorful fishes and marine life while enjoying the fun of scuba diving in the enchanting waters in the surroundings of Nauru Island. If you want to go specifically for scuba diving, visit the island in April or December.

7. Remains of Japanese Guns:

Yaren is where you can find the remains of Japanese guns, bunkers, and other remains of the second world war.

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