Louvre Museum, the greatest Art Museum in the World

Louvre Museum, the greatest Art Museum in the World

Louvre Museum is one of the greatest and prestigious museums in the world. The theme of the museum is art and paintings where numerous historic paintings are displayed for the visitors. The world’s most popular and arguably the most valuable painting, Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci is displayed in the Louvre Museum, France. Located in the historic city of Paris, the museum reflects light on the greatest and historic civilizations, which came before us. Civilizations come and go but they leave behind their traces in the form of art and literature. The museum was built in the 18th century while it got special attention from Napoleon who added significantly to the museum collection. Over the course of time, the French emperors and leaders continued to add to the collection of the museum with Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Islamic, Eastern and various other civilization’s antiques and art designs. Today, there are thousands of collections in the museum, which are a source of great amusement for the tourists. It remained one of the most visited museums in the world with around 10 Million visitors coming each year. We were in the city of Paris traveling through different European states. We had visited the Eiffel Tower and various other places in the city and now we were craving to visit the Louvre Museum. We made a plan to visit on weekend in order to fully explore the magnificence of this place.

Exploring the Antiques of Ancient Civilizations

There is a huge collection of ancient antiques collected from countless civilizations of the world. These sculptures are displayed in hallways and people can gaze upon them while walking. First, we went to the Egyptian Antique department comprising of at least 50,000 art pieces. There are artifacts of Nile Civilization dating back to 4000 BC here as well. The most outstanding artifact is “The Seated Scribe”. We visited most places here
before we went to the New Eastern antique department. Countless antiques are displayed in the new eastern department dating back to 2450 BC. There are rare objects from Persepolis, Mesopotamia, Persia and numerous other historic places. Next, we went to the Greek and Roman section of the antiques and gazed upon awe- aspiring sculptures displayed here. There is a marble statue named “Nike of Samothrace” which caught our attention the most.

Exploring the Great Paintings at Louvre Museum

There are thousands of paintings from the world’s greatest painters including Leonardo da Vinci. The paintings of various era tell the stories of their times and reflect the thought and creativity of the artists. We gazed upon thousands of paintings from French, northern European, Italian and renaissance collections displayed here. In the end, we went to see the historic painting of Mona Lisa, which is a center of attraction for the tourists. We explored the whole collection of Leonardo da Vinci including Virgin and Child with St. Anne, The fortuneteller, the death of the virgin and Madonna of the Rocks. This proved to be a thought provoking experience, which filled our hearts with awe.

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