Table Mountain in the Midst of South Africa

Table Mountain in the Midst of South Africa

One of the most popular places in Africa to visit is the Table Mountain, which overlooks the city of Cape Town at the height of 1086m. One of the interesting facts about this mountain is that it has a flat top unlike other mountains. The visitors to Cape Town city can have a remarkable view of the city from the mountaintop. The top of the mountain is usually covered with the orographic clouds, which provides a dreamy experience to the visitors. Adding to the beauty of Cape Town’s backdrop is Devil’s Peak to the east of Table Mountain. While on the west side is Lion’s head. The mountain is also a part of the Table Mountain National Park where you can find the endemic flora and fauna in the world.

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The City of Cape Town and the Historic Robben Island

We were traveling through Africa on our quest to explore the natural beauty of this region, which has managed to survive in this age of industrialization. We reached here in the month of April and stayed at a hotel in Cape Town. Here, you can find luxurious and affordable hotels and food of your taste. It is a port city and home to the world’s most famous beaches. We decided to visit Robben Island where the leader of the Anti-Apartheid movement, Neilson Mandela, was kept during his days of imprisonment. There are boats on the harbor, which take the people to the Island. It has now been made a museum for the people interested in this significant part of the struggle for humanity.

Hiking to the Top of Table Mountain

On the next day, we decided to visit Table Mountain to complete the primary purpose of our visit here. People can either hike to the top of the mountain or use the rotating cable cars. The cars move two ways and provide stunning views to the visitors. Since we were a group of young tourists, we decided to hike to the top of the mountain. There are four easy trails, which lead to the top. We took the most convenient path i.e. Platteklip Gorge trail, on the advice of our guide as this is also the fastest and direct route to the top. As we climbed up the path, the view of the city below started to get more beautiful. The natural habitat of this hike is unique as there are diverse species of insects and plants in the world.

The weather at Table Mountain can change unexpectedly and the presence of clouds are the biggest challenge to the hikers. We spent some quality time on the top amusing ourselves with the stunning specters of the city in front of us. When the night started to fall, we took the cable car back to the base of the mountain. The cable car is an amazing experience from where you can enjoy the scenery of the city and take stunning pictures.

After today’s excursion, we were overwhelmed by fatigue and had the best sleep in our hotel in a while. In this journey, we had to visit other cities of South Africa due to which a good night’s rest was a luxury.


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